The First Restaurant

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The first Hornero in Chorrillos.

After having worked as a respected waiter in the best restaurants in the city, Armando Tafur ventured to open his first restaurant “EL HORNERO” in the historic district of Chorrillos.

The best cuts of American meat.

It did not take many years for Armando and his family to build a family business, being pioneers in hosting the best cuts of American meat.

A good customer attended and well served, he will always speak well from the restaurant.

Armando Tafur.

Armando Tafur, Peter Tafur y Peter Tafur. El Hornero 2018

Today, "El Hornero" is distinguished among its guests for its good service and pleasant environments.

A place where flavor is taken care of to the maximum, seasoned with garnishes, snacks, wines and personalized attention.

el hornero historia

Construction El Hornero de La Molina. February 2009